Books on Peak Oil

What's Peak Oil, you must wonder? Well, imagine a time when the world's oil production has reached a "peak", a maximum.

When you reach a peak, what happens next? A downward slide. So goes the theory of peak oil.

Many of its disciples believe that the world is nearly there, or has already passed peak oil. The ramifications to the world would be "catastrophic", as my interview with Basil Gelpke, co-director and co-producer of A Crude Awakening said to me in an interview this month. When you find out that nearly everything - plastics, medicine, clothing, electrical systems and fertilisers - depend on crude oil to exist and you imagine a world without it - the seriousness of it all will sink in.

In today's newspaper, I listed a couple of books worth reading if you want to know more about peak oil. Better, there's a 30% coupon from Kinokuniya Bookstores attached. (You must get the paper, however. Only hard copies of the coupon accepted.)

Here's the article, Read all about it.