#TBR Challenge 2016: Paranormal romance

I'm currently trying to shave the 99 books in my TBR into an acceptable 20 or so, especially after the wild buying spree in August and September thanks to a series of RM5 book sales. It's time to get serious about reading my own damn books!

Super Librarian's TBR Challenge 2016 was perfect, but October is "Paranormal romance or romantic Suspense" month, two genres that, try as I might, I can't seem to get into.

I read almost anything but these two genres are my most DNFed besides YA.

Perhaps I just couldn't get on with the idea that shapeshifters and vampires are sexy. (I once spotted a Gargoyle-themed romance, and I thought: Hmm. Making love to a demon statue. Sexay. Not.)

Still, this month, I valiantly tried reading two paranormal romances and a romantic suspense romance in my TBR.  

The Reunited by Shiloh Walker had a promising premise: Two lovers, separated by death, are reincarnated and meet again. Joss is an FBI agent, determined to bring down an illegal human trafficking ring while Dru is deep undercover working to bring said ring down. They meet, but Josh is suspicious of her as she's literally the kingpin's fiance.

The dash of suspense makes it even more yummy, but I couldn't get into the novel on account of the numerous disruptive flashbacks. And since I have a strict policy where I'd DNF a book if I couldn't get into it after 50 pages, I have put it into the "to sell/donate" pile - after reading 100 pages and having my eyes glaze over.

Nalini Singh is a great writer, but I find my interest straying each time when the shapeshifters and psychics come in despite how hard I try. 

This is a tad odd for me as I love paranormal-themed books. I'm a huge Preston & Child fan, and their books skirt the edge of paranormal, sci-fi and thriller. These romance books should do it for me.

I'm also a huge lover of Thriller novels, so Captive by Brighton Walsh should also be a good fit, but I found it not ... thriller-ish enough.

I'm sure it's not because I hate these genres.

After all, I adored the Acro series by Sydney Croft (an X-Men-ish outfit that has the randiest operatives ever). Though Three the Hard Way (Book 7) was a marked step down in quality for me, and I DNFed it to my chagrin. I used to race through all the Acro books. That's how much I loved them.

Or ... have I fallen out of love with paranormal romance? (GASP)

But I'm hanging on to hope that perhaps I've not found a writer that sings to my soul. Especially with Romantic Suspense. Because JD Robb's "In Death" series sounds terribly delicious. Maybe she'll be it.