My favourite nicheless blogs

A while back I wrote about my blog identity crisis - that time when I just had no idea what to blog about.

Like many bloggers, I thought I had to pick a niche. And since I wanted this website to advertise my skills & portfolio, naturally, I thought I should start publishing content that was relevant to writing and digital marketing.

But I found that I couldn’t do it. I love digital marketing and all things content - including reading, watching and writing them - but I simply cannot imagine doing it over and over again.

(In fact, I have no idea how niche bloggers do it, blogging about one subject over and over again in 1001 iterations.)

So I decided to go nicheless.

That’s the beauty of having a website bearing your name, by the way. Because you are you, your blog’s content can evolve with you. You are the niche!

Since then, I’ve been looking around for blogs that are unabashedly nicheless and proud of it. Here are some fabulous ones I’ve found:

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 8.51.53 AM.png

Amber Burns

Amber’s blog content covers all my favourite things: books, travel, lifestyle and work! I admire how she subtly promotes her business while producing all this awesome content. I like the way she organises them, listing the content categories in the navigation bar.

Ryan Holiday

Ryan is a very, very prolific writer. Like most writers, he loves reading and shares what he loves through book reviews & notes. He also writes about life, philosophy (stoicism), productivity, marketing, his pet goats

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 8.54.52 AM.png

Her Philly

You can argue that Emily’s blog has a niche - it’s Philadelphia! However, under that umbrella lies a wealth of awesome stuff such as restaurant reviews, event highlights, hotel reviews and more!

Nate Eliason

Nate was one of the first blogs I came across while trying to figure out if I should go niche-less or not, and made me feel okay for choosing to “go wide”. I love the website’s simple layout - the true star is the content after all and I love his obsession with learning.(His Book Notes - where he shares his notes on the books he has read - are awesome!)