My favourite personal finance Youtube channels

So, personal finance is a huge favourite topic of mine. Reading about the topic and following the advice of budget/finance hackers have hugely changed my life so much. And thanks to Youtube, I watch a few channels to keep the spirit going - because the road to financial independence can get really lonely and tiring.

Here are some of the channels I love to watch and which I highly recommend:

Budget Girl

There are several things that attracted me to Budget Girl’s videos and is the reason why she’s so inspiring:

  • She became debt-free earning a low salary

  • She was a journalist (represent!)

  • She’s so darn optimistic despite her (initial) tough circumstances

Budget Girl had a huge wake-up call when she lost her journalist job. She had no income coming in and over US20k in debts. After that frightening experience, she told herself that she’ll never be this terrified ever again. So set out to change her financial life.

She reminds me a lot of myself. Back when I decided to do the crazy thing by completely eliminating my six-figure debt in 2008, I was earning only (wait for it) RM3,500.

See, a lot of times people get discouraged when they find out that a person got rid of their debts because they were earning a high salary. Many then have the mistaken belief that you need to have a high income to achieve financial independence. People like Budget Girl (and me!) demonstrate that you don’t have to earn big bucks to alter your financial destiny. The one thing you need to do is this: START NOW.

Dollar Dude

Personal finance a dry topic? Pfft! Dollar Dude is anything but boring! This guy is hilarious, makes videos with great content - what more do you need? He is proof that you can turn your life around in a massive way - he was a self-confessed slacker who had a light-bulb moment one day and realised that it was time to turn his life around. And what a turnaround - he became valedictorian, earned a degree, got a great job and then paid down his debt and became debt free. Watch him to be educated and entertained/

Financial Diet

Slick, polished and oh-so-useful. I love the content, which ranges from financial to career advice, even if it’s geared more towards millenials. I wish Malaysians have content like this, you know? Oftentimes our content is just soooooooo dry.

Dave Ramsey

The guru himself. My life was transformed after I stumbled on Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. He’s somewhat of a controversial figure in the personal finance blogging/youtubing community. Some folks think his advice is too extreme (all debt = baaaaad!) but there’s no denying that he offers excellent advice and that he’s transformed people’s lives.

Although I credit Ramsey for my personal finance liberation, I don’t follow everything he says. For one, I still keep a credit card (gasp). But I’ve cultivated enough discipline and have transformed my mind to such a point that I pay off my credit card balances each month. Also, I rather enjoy the cashback I get from my credit card!

And lastly, ME

Okay, so my content is a tad sparse at the moment. That’s because I’m not terribly great at editing videos. However, I’ve recently discovered the wonders of Inshot, so I may start populating my channel with content soon. Ah if only I have 10000 hours in a day!

But in all seriousness, I’m in search of fellow Malaysian personal finance vloggers, please let me know. I need more local-based content!

So there you have it! My favourite personal finance Youtube channels! Do you follow any that you can recommend, especially Malaysian or Singaporean ones? If so, please let me know. I really feel we need more personal finance content in our region and would love to promote them.