Book addiction

If there's one reason for me to migrate to Australia, it would be the lovely, lovely, love (x10) libraries. It is wonderland for book lovers. Crack for book addicts. Paradise for Movie lovers. Haven for magazine readers. I can go on.

When I was told by the librarian at Burnside library (which is really near my home, which is another reason why I heart my neighbourhood so much) that I could borrow 50 books or magazines and 10 DVDs at once, I laughed.

"Who the hell could read that much? Who in the world would borrow that much, anyway?"


Apparently, me.

Last Saturday, a librarian at Burnside said to me that I should return some books because - read this - the computer couldn't print a borrowing receipt (which tells you when to return a book) that long!

I was (cough) kinda embarrassed, especially when a friend said that by borrowing so many books I was depriving people from reading them. Yes, I feel like a chastened school child, so I dutifully did a marathon reading session on Saturday and returned nearly 15 books. (They were mostly manga! I'm no genius speed reader :P)

This time, I managed to curb my borrowing this time and borrowed only ... 5 books. Hey, it's a feat for me, okay?