Favourite posts from my Aussie blog: Malaysia to Adelaide

Yes, I DID blog about my journey to Australia - from visa application, to moving there, to life there and then back to Malaysia! The blog is called Malaysia2Adelaide, and for a while I toyed with the idea of importing the posts from that blog and incorporating it into this one, but I've decided to leave it be because migrating all the comments to Disqus would've been an abysmal nightmare. Also, having a simple linky link would suffice, methinks:

Here are just some of my favourite posts from Malaysia2Adelaide

Of course there are a lot more posts in the blog, from the random food porn, cafe entries (Adelaide made me a coffee addict. The coffee there was divine), to my adoration of Adelaide's many beautiful beaches and even a post on how I de-stuffed my life to move to Oz (it made me determined to be a minimalist who will only take an hour to move homes!)

Reading the blog again made me rather nostalgic of Adelaide. What a beautiful place Adelaide was/is!