E-books: A selection of my articles

I've been waiting for e-book technology to hit the bookstores since I spied Star Trek characters reading off hand-held tablets in the 1980s. And when it finally arrived at the dawn of the 21st century, sci-fi style, I was psyched. But Malaysia did not embrace the technology immediately. I had to visit the United States to get my hands on my first e-book reader: A Sony Reader. It cost me about a thousand ringgit (ouch ouch ouch) but it was worth every penny.

Naturally, as a journalist, I wrote extensively about it.

I began with a major feature article about e-books, which I actually won an in-house award for:

Then came my column about e-books, Reading Revolution, which began life as an exclusive publication for the iPad, and then moved to its online home at The Star.

I had a lot of fun meeting international e-book authors such as Ryk Brown, waded into the murky depths of the ebook porngate, and how fanfiction is now made respectable, thanks to Amazon's Kindle Worlds. Ebooks has made the once-stagnant publishing world into an exciting and often volatile field, and readers, writers and publishers are all being tossed around in the constant change.

But for a journalist, it's catnip.

Malaysia's not fully in the game yet, but I see an explosion in the future. And the Malaysian publishing industry better be ready for it.

Hello, Reading Revolution!

I just started writing a new column for The Star's iPad edition - Editor's Choice. It's called Reading Revolution and it's about one of my biggest passions: e-books. I will be writing about how to get started reading e-books, issues concerning the ebook industry and I will also be interviewing e-book authors.

I was really excited to be given the chance to write this column. I mean, a reason to go on and on about the thing I love? What joy!

Anyway, you can download the Sept 26, 2012 Reading Revolution (in PDF format) column, but it reads so much better on the iPad or tablet, so download The Editor's Choice by visiting http://thestar.com.my/ipad. It's free!