Review: Return of the King extended edition

Faramir giving his future wife an adoring look. Yeah, you got that right. It’s me he’s looking at.

So, I’ll spit it out – I’m dissapointed. Now, before eyeris gets a heart attack, let me explain myself.

I shouldn’t have read the book before seeing the movie. Then the dissapointment wouldn’t have been so acute. It doesn’t help that my favourite chapter in Return of the King is The House of Healing and The Pyre of Denethor. Pete Jackson mangled that pretty good.

In the extended edition, The Houses of Healing is a blink-and-you-will-miss-it sequence. Instead of Aragorn healing Faramir, Eowyn to prove to the Gondorians that he is indeed the King returned, we get a “set up” for Faramir and Eowyn to exchange cow eyes at each other. (grumble)

Hey, I love Faramir and Eowyn being together and all that. Faramir is one of my fav characters. However, in the movie, Eowyn seemed so … frivolous to have gotten over Aragorn so fast. And I agree with eyeris when he said that the Extended Edition made Aragon more … wussy.

The Houses of Healing, if it had been done right, would’ve lent additional strength to Aragorn. Same with the ghosties at the Dimolt (sp?). What I don’t get is why must Pete extend the battle scenes even more? Honestly, one could scrape a few minutes from those scenes to do justice to the Houses of Healing or other crucial scenes.

Also, now I get why Daphne is so irritated with movie-Gimli. In the EE, he seems even more like a clown. Yeesh.

I didn’t get to see Faramir and Eowyn wed! (bawl) The scene was shot, y’see.

Also, as I was watching the documentaries in the EE, apparently they also shot scenes about the fate of the rest of the team. There’s a scene of Gimli looking at jewels and one of a very delicious-looking Legolas (with longer, more pristine hair if it’s possible) walking in what could only be the forests of Ithilien. After the War, he helped rebuild Ithilien with Faramir.

Ah, what could be! Pete, if only you could’ve just scraped 5 minutes of extended battle to allow us to see these scenes. But boys will be boys …

PS: I will never ever read a book before the movie again. I mean, look what happened to Legend of Earthsea!

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Tom Hanks will be The Da Vinci Code’s hero

He’s a good actor and all, but does anyone out there echo my sentiments that Tom Hanks doesn’t feel like a Robert Langdon (spelling? Too lazy to check)? I don’t know. I’ve always thought Robert would be … cuter. More like Indiana Jones or something. And here’s from someone who has not read the book.

Why have I not read the book? Well, I’m a person that avoids a book if it’s hyped up! Maybe it’s the snob in me who wants to say, in a plummy Brit accent: “No, I shan’t read the book.”

Truth is, I just haven’t gotten around to doing it. I tend to be slow when it comes to book trends. I tend to read the “kewl” books months after the publicity has died down. Always waiting for a discount or a second hand book to come out.

If I’m to start on Dan Brown’s books, I most probably would not start with Da Vinci but with Angels & Demons. I kinda like the title.

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Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort

And I say, good choice! Fiennes is a fine actor (pun intended) and I loved his turn as the serial killer in Red Dragon. Or maybe I’m just partial to red heads.

Anyway, my judgement on how fine (again! Ha!) a fit he is for the role probably doesn’t really mean anything since I’ve not read the book. 😛 So Potter readers, what do you think?

According to BBC’s Fiennes named as Potter villain, filming has already begun for the fourth movie, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, but Fiennes have not shot any of his scenes yet.

Brendan Gleeson, who will appear in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village will play the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher Mad-Eye Moody.

Miranda Richardson is Rita Skeeter.

The movie will be in theatres in 2005.

Well, since The Lord of the Rings no longer has any installments (though one does hope for The Hobbit), this is something to look forward to.

Brad Pitt as Mr Darcy?

I nearly fell off the stairs when my sister told me that Brad Pitt was going to play Mr Darcy in an upcoming production of Pride and Prejudice.

“Brad Pitt as Mr Darcy? Brad Pitt is Mr Darcy?!” And I made an idiot of myself by flapping my arms in an indignant manner.

“What? What’s wrong with Brad Pittlah?” my sister asked.

“He can’t carry it off! Mr Darcy is aloof, aristocratic, lordly!”

“Pitt handsome what!”

“It’s not about looks lah!” I stamped my feet. And continued to foam at the mouth explaining why Pitt, despite having met him in real life and knowing he is indeed a slab of grade-A American beef, can never be Darcy.

Anyway, somehow the thought of the bronzed blonde Adonis as the aloof, gentlemanly Mr Darcy was a great affront to me. And I think I’m not the only one to think so – many Austen-ites have a specific idea how Mr Darcy should look or behave (the closer they are to Colin Firth the better 😉 ). Pitt just rubs us, or at least me, the wrong way.

Thank goodness then – thaaaank goodness – when I found out that no, Pitt is not going to be Darcy, someone called Matthew Macfadyen will be. According to in Spy drama star is ‘new Mr Darcy’, he stars in a british spy drama called Spooks.

Kiera Knightly will play Elizabeth Bennett. I think she can pull it off, but we’ll just wait and see, honestly. Why do they always use the current hot, young thing for prominent roles? Oh yeah, to lure the crowds in. Duh.

All I can say about the adaptation (seventh, I think) is that more Austen is never bad.

Unless they cast Brad Pitt as Mr Darcy and have rock-themed soundtrack.