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A new breed of dog Guide dogs for the disabled - one of my earliest articles, and one that had a big impact on me.


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Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia

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Column: Reading Revolution

This column began life as a column in Editor’s Choice, The Star’s iPad publication. Eventually, it moved online. In this column I write about the impact of ebooks and how digital technology is changing the way we read, write and publish.

Be wary of fake reviews
In a world where reviews can be bought and writer’s reputations are shredded by “sock puppet reviews”, how does a reader chose a book to read?

Going indie
Writers are turning down traditional publishing contracts, preferring to stick self-publishing their ebooks. In this age of swift and easy digital publishing, it seems only logical.

Reviewers behaving badly
Cyberbullying is as old as the Internet, and it has found fresh ground at book review places like Goodreads and Amazon.

Bite-sized fiction
Some novelists are breaking their long novels into bite-sized novellas to create a different reading experience.

Discipline and determination pay off for webserial writer
Hard work pays off for webserial writer JC McCrae.

Serial fiction enjoys a revival… on the Internet
Serialised fiction – bite-sized fiction published periodically – is making a comeback after languishing in obscurity for more than a few decades.

Blog to e-book
Wouldn’t it be nice to snuggle in bed reading your favourite blog? 

Dream come true for Ryk Brown
Ryk Brown didn’t expect his rip-roaring space adventures to take off like a rocket.

Changing the way we read
Digital e-book technology has changed the way we read and publish.

Franzen and digital technology
Not all authors are ecstatic about the seismic digital changes in the publishing world.

Blog to e-book
Wouldn’t it be nice to snuggle in bed reading your favourite blog? A guide for those using e-book readers.

E-book’s porngate
An “expose” about extreme porn being sold on ebook distributing sites sees some retailers take drastic, and arguably unfair measures.

Playing in Other Worlds
With Amazon’s Kindle Worlds, fanfiction authors can now earn money from their formerly not-for-profit enterprise.

A Guide to e-Reading
Should you get a tablet, e-book reader or just stick to your smartphone?

Another Digital Leap
With the new Kindle Matchbox, Amazon is raising the bar in the e-book market once again

Dream come true
Interview with Australian writer CJ Archer, whose abandoned publishing dreams have been restored by ebook technology.

Free Reads
It’s time to test the waters of e-reading with a downloadable free e-book.

Embracing Digital Tech
Here’s the next step in book technology: Now you can read books off your laptop, smartphone, tablet or e-book reader.