What I can Do

I’m a multi-passionate person, which means it’s tough to summarise what I can do in a few sentences. However, I can definitely say that my skills revolve around words and digital communications.

Here’s what I can do in a nutshell:


Writing & blogging

I write social media and website content, blog posts, press releases and newsletters. I also write articles on personal finance, career, lifestyle, the environment and travel. My articles have been published by The Star, New Straits Times, Asian Beacon, Her World and more.


copyediting & proofreading

I was a newspaper subeditor and “copy clearer” for nearly 10 years. I have an eye for detail and know how to make your copy shine.


communications & content strategy

For content to be effective, you need a strategy - a plan. I create plans that help companies communicate their messages effectively on print, websites and social media. Deliverables include editorial calendars, content maps, workflows and content audits.


E-book publishing

I’ve been fascinated with the shiny new world of digital publishing before the Kindle was even invented. I even wrote a column about digital publishing for The Star called Reading Revolution.


author of fiction & non-fiction

My work has been published by publishers such as Fixi and Editions Didet Miller. I’ve also self-published fiction on major retailers like Amazon and Kobo.



I love teaching people how to use social media and websites to get jobs, network and market their books. I’ve taught workshops and have given one-to-one coaching to people seeking to create or improve their online presence.