The Golden Compass: Non-reader, Non-spoiler thoughts


Yes, so non-Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials reader here.

So way better than Harry Potter.

I want a daemon hare too!

And a talking polar bear.

And a talking ferret.

And a talking dog.

Damnit, I want daemons to be real!


The Olimetre something something is cool. Don’t understand how she can read it though. Psychic or something?

Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel. Sexy beard, sexy name, sexy daemon. Hubba hubba.

Nicole Kidman is so classy and beautiful. I think she’s hot. And I’m a gal.

Next year will be Visit Oxford Year….

I really don’t mind being called a witch in this universe. Nice bows. No aging is a nice side benefit.

Polar bear vs polar bear is WWE with steroids. Wait, they are already on steroids.

Lyra doesn’t annoy me. That’s good.

What religious controversy? Bah.

I want to hug Mrs Coulter. Weird.

And who’s her tailor? Cos I want him/her.

Poor kid. Sniff.

Then, the end. And I hear screaming: What? That’s the ending?! Eyeris is one of them.

See, that’s why it’s good not to read the book before watching the movie. See? See? Being blisfully ignorant = Good.

Darn. Looks like I have to read the book. Will probably hate second movie.

Golden Compass readers, at the end, take a deep breath and say it over and over: There will be a sequel, there will be a sequel… think about the cute animals!

Now entertain me and tell me what’s your daemon. (click daemon)

I covet these posters: